About Us

Our Story

All medications that you and your family take have been developed over many years before being made available for you. The journey from laboratory to you is a long one involving thousands of people volunteering to participate in clinical research. Without the help of study volunteers these medicines would never be available to you.

The Coronavirus pandemic shows that we are vulnerable to unknown viruses and diseases where there has been no previous clinical research. The important role that clinical research plays in preparing us with treatments or vaccines to prevent the unnecessary loss of life that was experienced through this pandemic.

We chose the Northern Beaches for our research clinic as we strongly believe the local community spirit and support would be unprecedented in other areas of Sydney. People of the Northern Beaches are well known for banding together to support those within and outside of their local community. We wanted to give people of the Northern Beaches the opportunity to access new medicines and treatments through clinical research. 

What We Offer


Participant Safety

Safety of our volunteers is paramount to our operation. All steps possible are taken during your participation in the research we conduct.


Accurate Data

The integrity of the data we provide is extremely important to the outcome of the research. We take every step to ensure your privacy is upheld during and after your participation.


Friendly Environment

We have created a non-medical environment to ensure you are comfortable and enjoy your experience throughout your participation.

Our Expert Doctors

Dr Anthony McGirr MBBS FRANZCA

Principal Investigator

Dr Elie Boulos

Principal Investigator

Dr Mayhar Amjadi

Principal Investigator

Dr Amy Chahal

Principal Investigator