Our Mission

Northern Beaches Clinical Research has been established to provide an enjoyable and simple experience for both participant and Sponsor. 

We aim to be easy to deal with, efficient, and cost-effective in the delivery of your clinical trial program. 

We look to build a strong working relationship whereby Sponsor/CRO and site work together towards a successful outcome.

Our Difference

We have a simple organisational structure which allows us to focus on delivering successful start-up, recruitment, data collection, and close-out of your clinical trial.

We aim to hit or exceed patient recruitment targets ahead of your study deadline. 

We aim to have high quality data with minimal queries. 

We aim to always be audit-ready. 

Our Experience

The founders of Northern Beaches Clinical Research have over 30 years of combined experience in clinical research. 

Together we have successfully operated a network of private clinical trial sites. Our experience includes senior leadership positions in CRO, SMO, and hospital management. 

We have a history of successfully over-recruiting on previous studies.

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